Andean Images

The File:
7,000 x 35mm slides, mostly Kodachrome 64, Fuji Velvia and Fuji Provia 100F. All images have been divided up into the following six categories; natural environment, human environment, festivals/religion, portraits, activities and markets.

Geographical Area: All six Andean countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina).

Speciality: Images which depict the land, people and cultures of the Andes mountains, in particular age-old traditions and customs which are fast disappearing to modernisation.

Lightjet Digital Prints: These are the highest quality prints available today as well as being the most expensive. They are drum scanned on a Heidelberg Tango laser scanner and digitally printed using a Chromira LED printer onto Fuji Crystal Archive gloss paper which is lightfast up to 60 years. Prints are produced by Bill Nordstrom of Laser Light Photographics of California, USA.

Prices for Andean Images Lightjet Prints are:
11" x 14" @ USD $160
14" x 17" @ USD $180
16" x 20" @ USD $200
20" x 24" @ USD $220
24" x 30" @ USD $240
30" x 40" @ USD $260

Durst Lamda Digital Prints: These are very high quality but more affordable digital prints. They are drum scanned and printed onto Kodak Digital Professional gloss paper by Chromagene of Leeds, UK.

Prices for Andean Images Lamda Digital Prints are:
11" x 14" @ USD $80
14" x 17" @ USD $100
16" x 20" @ USD $120
20" x 24" @ USD $140
24" x 30" @ USD $160
30" x 40" @ USD $180

Epson 2000P Ink Jet Prints: These prints are produced by Eric Lawrie. Slides are scanned on a Nikon LS2000 scanner and output onto an Epson 2000P printer using Epson 100 year lightfast archival inks and Epson archival paper.

Prices for Andean Images Ink Jet Prints are:
11½ x 7½ @ USD $30
16 x 11½ @ USD $60
Ink Jet Cards. These folded cards are postcard size and printed as per Ink Jet prints. Price of each card (inc. envelope) USD $1.

Postcards: Set of 80 postcards of Bolivia @ USD $20.

All items include postage & packing by express airmail. Prints have a half inch white border for handling.